Expectations are hot!

Every one is scrambling…anyone who has anything to do with the climate change and environmental movement that is. There is so much frenzy with the COP 21 talks round the corner. All the slots for entry to any of the sessions are full!

It is much like the big Indian wedding…so much of preparation, so much of anticipation. What will the bride be wearing. What will the groom be wearing. What kind of food will we be served…who will dance the best for the sangeet…! Much frenzy….much expectation….

This is what will kill the COP 21 talks. No one knows what to expect, but are still expecting a ‘lot’. Lot of what!? Most nations of significance have submitted their INDC’s (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions). In other words, all these countries have made their promises. They have set targets for themselves and have announced these targets. No what?

Remember that from the last few rounds of climate change talks, what has been achieved until now with the INDC’s is something the world has not achieved until now – so first lets step back and say, well done! Sure, I understand that we cannot declare victory as yet, but what will be victory, what will be success. Too much is expected off the COP 21, and I am sure that we will all come back disappointed.

It is pure politics now – politics of who will pay more money. There is a general expectation that the richer countries will contribute significantly to the $ 100 billion fund per year. Something tells me that they will not commit to it as the developing nations want them to. Of course, the tone of the developing countries is not very encouraging too especially when we hear then say that all nations should contribute! So this is where it is all going to come down to – who will blink first!?

In the meantime, lets tone down our expectations a bit, so that we allow the great intentions with which all  – politicians, civil society, corporations, are approaching this to come to fruition. We have a general consensus that great steps have to be taken. When the Kyoto protocol talks were first concluded, we could never have imagined that we will actually have nations commit to reductions of green house gases ever, and that has happened. For now, lets all give some space, and chill a bit. Great expectations will only dissapoint!