Blessed one

I feel immense gratitude to wake up to your beautiful words.

I feel warmth in your caring embrace of the world.

I feel so happy seeing your showers of unconditional love.

I feel fortunate to be your dear friend.

Bless you Sacred One.

Bless you Loving One.

Bless you Delicate One.

Grab the day today and all that it offers with your deep self.

Rise above to your higher self and vanquish smallness.

Find the courage to do what you need to do, deviating even from your hearts call.

Stay in the conviction of what your Lover and you need to achieve with life.

Your fate is to be gloriously successfully.

Lots of love and energy flows.

Om. Om. Om.




The scent of your divinity lingers in the air even after you have gone

The light of your being passes through the thick forest even as night falls

The love you have for the world spreads evenly for the noble and the wicked.


Where is this source of energy from!?

Where is this unending motherly love from!?

Where in the Universe do they mould a beauty like you!?

Such a pleasure to wake up to your words

Such an honour to have a friend like you

The sunlight streams like a gift from the Creator

And you are the inspiration for that Creator.

In a day filled with beauty and grace.



The Angels

The Angels of the Universe will always be looking after you

You have the grace to grow

Your beauty blossoms with every step.

Your have the humility to ask for a hand

Your being radiates with every grasp.

The Angels of the Universe will always look out for you


Your ability to observe yourself is beautiful

Your sense of who you are

Your sensations

Your feelings

Your emotions

They fill your being like the voluptuous rain bearing clouds in the sky.

The Angels of the Universe are always looking out for you.


The loving drops of rain from your bosom

Nurture the parched hearts of many

Waiting for your grace, your love.

Unknowing of their need for love.


“Give Mother, give me all your love

Not all in one instance.

Give as you please, the only way you know

As you watch how the giving can last

Not just this summer

But for autumn, spring and winter.

And for ever.”

The Angels of the Universe are looking out for you.


“Amma, as I reject you and your love,

I still need you to paint a smile

On your soul without the frown lines of disappointment.

Remember that I know not how to receive as yet

Remember that I am not as fortunate as you are

Remember that I still feel the pain of events in the future

Remember that I am lonely even when I am with loved ones.

I need the Angels of the Universe to look out for me too.”


“Have faith in your love for me.

Don't forsake me.

I need you.

The Angels of the Universe smile and give you so much.”


My love for water

You are such an inspiration!

I am now celebrating my afterlife,

which you helped birth.

The eloquence of your soul,

The benevolence of your heart,

The generosity of your being.


Have all helped birth me to my afterlife.


I now walk with a smile in my heart,

Feeling light with every step

Feeling full with love for my Love

Feeling satiated.

Feeling gratitude to you.

You are such an inspiration!


I feel this rush when I think of you

I feel this flush when I hear your voice

I feel the bells of your laugh

I feel the world light on my shoulders.

You are such an inspiration!


While I yearn for more, I know that the energy of this yearning will settle.

While my thirst will be quenched, my love for water will always remain!


The birds

Raised to fly, born to shed fear

The birds are our angels in the sky


I wake up to the sounds of gratitude

Etched into the souls of the birds.

Being chased by memories of danger

Fearless their flight of necessity.


Raised to fly, born to shed fear

The birds are our angels in the sky


As the little egg descends to the nest

The Mother looks fondly at nothing.

As the furry being emerges

The Mother wonders never

Can my baby fly?


Raised to fly, born to shed fear

The birds are our angels in the sky


Nestled in the great heights of hope

The little bird is pushed away to trust.

Flying into her new life of joy

Stories of her past vanish with the clouds in the sky


Raised to fly, born to shed fear

The birds are our Angels in the sky


Gratitude and shedding fear

Is all that the birds hear.

I wonder

Why do we as beings

Wrap ourselves with the unwanted gift of fear

And not soak in the mist of gratitude?


Raised to fly, born to shed fear

The birds are our Angels in the sky


Now go and grow the colourful feathers of gratitude

Shed the brittle shell of fear, and then,

Our dance will emerge from our souls

Our smiles will waft through the universe.


Raised to fly, born to shed fear

The birds are our Angels in the sky




How fortunate we are for all that we have.


Our ability to smile, inspire, motivate is so admirable

In spite of the heavy winds we carried in our breath.

Time carries the tears of our stories

While our space speaks lightly of the burdens we mis carried

How fortunate we are all for all that we have.


History is enriched with the poverty of our experiences

Yet it weaves a pleasant cloak to wrap our life today.

The unpleasant fragrances of beautiful songs from the past

Have wiped away the tunes that numbed us with anger.

How fortunate we are for all that we have.


Taking for granted all the gifts that have been given

Taking more than was needed to satiate our bloated egos

Taking at a time when giving was needed to fill the void

Taking without knowing that, in the giving is the presence of the spirit


Of togetherness

Of letting go

Of light

Of love

Of joy

Of it.


Lessons have been learnt forced by the tears we have cried

Nourishing pathways through the dense forests of our minds.

Sunrise brought new days to search and find the flowers

That inspire us to continue to live life in new ways.

How fortunate we are for all that we have.


The future will be filled with bird songs and butterfly dances

Light in its touch to honour the dew on the flowers.

Colours from the rainbow will wash our weary souls

Forcing it to smile though the mist of doubts and fears.

How fortunate we are for all that we have.


Bless your eyes if you can see

for being blind to the sounds of laughter is to dishonour your sight.

Bless your ears if you can hear

for being deaf to the colours of life is to dishonour your hearing.

Bless your life, bless your being

Bless your children, bless your love.

Blessings....blessings....let our lives be filling with blessings.

Cause, how fortunate we are for all that we have.



Yes, you did

I burn down my future

As I build my beautiful past.


The gift of rebirth is a desperate purge of the soul

Crying sweet melodies which sounded like murky waters.

Few men are fortunate to be born with equanimity

Few women are born to nurture energies with tenderness.


Yet you did.

I burn down my future

As I build my beautiful past


You did for me what no other being could have done.

Your unending love for me, your immeasurable patience

Your ability to cradle my injured soul

Your hope in my ability to soar to depths known only to my Creator.


Yes you did.

I burn down my future

As I build my beautiful past


Rejection of love when one is just tasting the waters of life

Lays bare deserts of hope, casting doubts, sowing fears.

But you came along with winds of understanding, that filled my sails,

And helped me weather the storm within me


Yes you did.

I burn down my future

As I build my beautiful past


As we set sail on a journey filled with hope, love, and unknown endings,

Violent waves of Life came our way

Tearing at our very being, challenging our resolve

Questioning our unanswered prayers.

Your Divine energy calmed the storms and brought us ashore


Yes you did.

I burn down my future

As I build my beautiful past


Now I sit with my hands folded with gratitude

With deep reverence for your presence in my life.

I welcome my nights slumber and the morning light with your image,

And thank the Creator for a soul mate like you.


I burn down my future

As I have now built my beautiful past


Am waiting

The morning air is crisp filled with the musical celebrations of a new day

The birds seem to welcome me with a chattering of excited songs

I belong to your space, they seem to say

I feel this belonging as I sit here



The rustle of the leaves on the pathway

Seem to impatiently remind me of the excitement of the waiting.

Stop, I tell them, I am excited too

My heart beats wildly in sync with the morning sun.

I feel this belonging as I sit here



I peek through the trees waiting for your being to emerge

The forest seems denser than usual.

Is nature conspiring with you in this hide and seek game?

The birds, animals and trees are your friends, so it will not surprise me!

I feel this belonging as I sit here



And there you are....

Gentle as the breeze....

Serene as the morning mist....

And my excited wait is… over….?



The warm lamp

The light of the oil lamp warms our home,

Breathes the presence of the Divine.

Your precious aura in our home

Uplifts and sings the presence of the Divine.


The angels of our home feel the emptiness when you leave home.

The nooks and corners grumble

The little ant hills crumble

My energies rumble.


I rush and light the lamp

And the mute home fills up with your smiles and laughter.

I feel your presence.

I know the Divine is here with you and in

The warm lamp.



I couldn't


My One needs rest from years of neglect I think.

Welcoming it out if it's shell to a new world has been hard

And so difficult to bloom.


Everything is too new.

Even the sounds of the birds and the fresh dew.

Delight makes my One rise to the pinnacle with no ending.

Strange full feeling in spite of the unending.


No need

No greed

For now, just sow the seed

For lasting joy and unending love


Lots of time to retune

To this beautiful world within.

So I am going to give my One time

To return to the world slowly